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Mindful Writing / Writing and Meditation Retreat


30 et 31 août 2021

Responsable de l'activité

Juliet Fall


Mme Muriel Bruttin, UNIL

M. Luc Tripet, UNINE



Erzsebet Strausz (Central European University)


The goal of this residential retreat is to offer a space outside of our ordinary busy lives filled with administrative tasks, teaching, and/or care labor, where we can pursue writing in a peaceful setting, free of our usual distractions. To futher the disconnection from daily distractions, a specific type of mindful writing practice will be offered, along with sessions that will combine an opening guided meditation followed by a long free writing period.


The guided mindful writing sessions use mindfulness techniques and contemplative pedagogy to explore writing not only as an academic skill but also as a source of creative expression and communication. The hope is that the series of focused and free writing exercises will make us become more aware of the power of the writing process and make us discover how we can use writing in a more imaginative, personal and transformative manner. We also plan to do sessions that combine an opening guided meditation and a long free writing period which we hope will help create a productive space for longer uninterupted writing sessions. The short opening meditation will ground us and clear our minds so that we can focus with more clarity and concetration on what we want to write, and the long uninterupted period of time following the meditation will give us enough time to deep dive into the writing that we want to do.


COVID-19 related issues: we are currently hoping to be able to hold this workshop in an in-person format, but if necessary, we will move the workshop fully online and adapt the format accordingly.


Day 1

9h-10h Check-in to rooms

10h-10h45 Welcome, introduction, round of introductions of participants

10h45-11h Break

11h-12h30 Guided writing session

12h30-13h30 Lunch

14h00-16h0 Free writing session (with opening mindfulness exercise)

16h-16h30 Break

16h30-18h00 Discussion on issues that surround writing (writing habits; writing style and technique)

18h-18h45 Free time (optional: walk in the park around Crêt Bérard)

18h45-20h Dinner

20h Free time

21h-22h Evening meditation session (optional)

Day 2

8h-9h Breakfast

9h-10h30 Free writing session (with opening mindfulness exercise)

10h30-11h Break

11h-11h45 Voice and style exercise

11h45-12h30 Free writing session

12h30-13h30 Lunch

13h30-14h15 Mindful listening exercise

14h15-14h30 Break

14h30-16h Collective reflection on writing

16h-16h15 Closing remarks

16h15 Departure


Crêt-Bérard, Puidoux



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