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Activism and geography


3 et 4 septembre 2019

Responsable de l'activité

Julie de Dardel


Julie De Dardel, UNIGE

Isabelle Schoepfer, UNIFR


Dr Michele Lancione, Senior Research Fellow, University of Sheffield

Prof. Amy Ritterbusch, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)


This workshop will question the limits of the procedural approach to ethics and explore the links between ethics and commitment to social justice. It will present participatory methods as a possible approach towards more ethical research. In terms of format, the workshop will give room for PhD students to reflect upon ethical issues in their own research. It will be organized around discussion panels and workshops, aimed at collectively sharing, discussing, and hopefully resolving ethical dilemma and issues. Besides keynote addresses by senior researchers, PhD students will play an active role as panellists in roundtables and will be asked to work in groups during workshops. Advanced researchers will share their experiences and discuss issues with PhD students on an egalitarian basis.


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