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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Communication in Research


26 mai 2023


Isabelle Schoepfer, UNIFR


M. Filippo Buzzini, Sketchy Solutions


'I sometimes get lost into details when writing my thesis.' 'I have a hard time matching my findings with the overall goals of my thesis.' 'I don't always have a clear overview of what I am researching about.' 'Even though I know my research topic exhaustively, I can't always explain it clearly to colleagues, peers and others.' If one or several of these statements applies to you, then this workshop might be exactly what you need! This workshop is part of a series of workshops organised by the doctoral school for Geography in the last years about communication. Communication is a multi-faceted field that is fundamental at several stages of doctoral research. Being able to communicate the own research results and processes both clearly and effectively is key to a successful thesis. The visual aspect of communication is, however, often overlooked. As the old saying goes «a picture is worth a thousand words». In this sense, adding the visual dimension to the own communication can help conveying concepts and ideas in a more effective way. Visual communication has the power to make complex information simple to understand and to create clarity for self and others. Furthermore, it can help PHD students to see the bigger picture in their research. By rediscovering pen and paper, it is possible to create an overview of the own research (or of some aspects thereof) which is tangible and where eventual strengths, weaknesses or gaps are easily identifiable. A visual practitioner will introduce you to the basics of visual communication and on possibilities to use it to break down complex research topics or questions into a clearer overview. The practitioner has a Masters degree in Geography and History, and is therefore familiar with the concepts and topics of this discipline. The workshop will be very practice-oriented, from the introduction on, the students will be invited to express themselves visually through simple exercises. After a background on the theory behind visual communication and an introduction to its tools, the students will be able to present their research questions and, with the help f the visual practitioner, to start representing it visually.




Institut de Géographie, Université de Neuchâtel

Espace Tilo-Frey 1

CH-2000 Neuchâtel


Alvéole B.1.38 



Délai d'inscription 10.04.2023

Isabelle Schoepfer


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