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Making Noise - Sound in Urban Research Practice


22 octobre 2021

Responsable de l'activité



Mme Hendrikje Alpermann, doctorante, UNIL

M. Simone Ranocchiari, doctorant, UNIL



Kathrin Wildner (Berlin)

Dragos Tara (Lausanne)





MAKING NOISE - Sound in Urban Research

A Workshop on listening, recording, analyzing and decoding sound



Most researchers use interview recordings for their empirical research. When transcribing interviews, some might note "she laughs", "someone entering the room" or similar things to add more layers to the transcriptions, to add atmosphere that seems important to the observed and recorded situation. Soon we realize what a difficult task it is to translate sensual atmosphere, acoustics and sound into written words.

Starting from those reflections on our own research, we want to explore with you what sound can add to our research. And then explore different techniques of recording inviting researchers and practitioners experienced in the art of recording and sound.

The workshop will be led by Kathrin Wildner and Dragos Tara.

Kathrin Wildner ( is an urban ethnologist doing research in New York, Mexico City, Istanbul and other urban conglomerations. Her research focuses on ethnographic methods of spatial analysis, theories of public space, transnational urbanism and artistic practices. Since 2010 she is an active member of the group metroZones - center for urban affairs ( In numerous workshops she applies listenings as methodological perspectives and soundwalks as part of a research toolbox to experience and understand the urban. She is author of several texts on sound and the city.


Dragos Tara ( is composer, double bass player and electronic musician. Creative listening and sound production using various materials, such as edited and diverted recordings or sound walks, have guided Dragos Tara's path for several years. A musician curious about all sound fields, he proposes musical compositions as well as sound installations and performances, all of which are nourished by workshops and encounters along the way.


The morning will be devoted to realized projects, projects in-the-making and conceptual considerations, and the afternoon to practical exercises in the urban space of Lausanne.


Université de Lausanne


We start our workshop at 9h30 in the Géopolis building and end there around 17h30/18h.



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