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Making Noise - Sound in Urban Research Practice


22 octobre 2021


Mme Hendrikje Alpermann, doctorante, UNIL

M. Simone Ranocchiari, doctorant, UNIL


To be defined


Recording, analyzing and decoding sound – most researchers use recordings for their empirical research. But most of us just use sound to remember what has been said. Some might note "she laughs", "someone entering the room" or similar things in brackets to add more layers to the transcriptions of their interviews, to add atmosphere that is important to the recorded situation. Soon we realize that is sometimes a very difficult task to translate atmosphere and sound in written words.


Starting from those reflections on our own research, we want to explore with you what sound can add to our research and then explore different techniques of recording inviting researchers and practitioners experienced in the art of recording and sound.


Joint reading of key texts from different disciplines.


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Université de Lausanne



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